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Using artificial intelligence, we have developed custom websites and web applications for most industries. Here are some of our case studies.


Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1988, Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc. (AME) is an independent Construction Materials Consulting, Inspection and Testing firm. the staff includes civil, structural, metallurgical and materials engineers and geologists with advanced degrees and years of field experience. The support staff includes certified field and laboratory technicians.

Engineers, contractors and surveyors make precise decisions and by the nature of their profession they need reliable, secure and precise tools that can be portable as they are in and out of the field. We give them access to their project management, timesheet and any intelligent applications through their website on mobile devices. We've created a unified and automated field reporting system to generate reports in minutes. Engineers’ complete customized inspection forms, add photos, and notes & drawings from their tablets/phones onto their website which are time stamped and geolocated (the same goes for their expense reporting).

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Hills Learning

Hills Learning started in March 2009. The center has over 40 teachers and programs for over 300 students. The languages offered are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Arabic and Vietnamese. Our client list includes fortune 500 companies, schools (private and universities), and various happy individuals.

Our education online applications LMS+ school management system can be the education hub of your school, college, university to manage all administrative tasks onsite or online, as well as distance education and continuing education. As we build everything custom, let us know what features you are interested below and we will give you a quote the same day.


Pinellas.Shopping is a B2C and B2B marketplace and online community to shop and sell local products, services, and food to Pinellas County residents. Our platform offers various AI-enabled tools to promote shops, restaurants and all kinds of businesses, including a B2B and B2C marketplace ecommerce where independent commerce owners can open online shops in less than 5 minutes automatically.

We make it easy. A complete shop storefront for all your vendors. Easily on-board new vendors through a customizable Q&A registration process. Have them setup their store and start selling in minutes thanks to an advanced AI algorithm which builds online stores from their input with no coding from vendors. A dashboard gives them great insights to their store's performance on YOUR marketplace.

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Anything Marketing

Launching in September, is a state-of-the-art management consulting and marketing platform that allows businesses to manage their marketing and consulting needs, but also for consultants to have all the necessary modern tools to manage their consulting mission online, including a video meeting system, tracking project deadlines and activity, submitting reports and receiving feedback on projects.

For the consulting & marketing platform, we have used AI algorithms to match client projects with expert consultants based on their industry qualifications, skills, experience level, and availability. The platform also has many modern online marketing tools using either or both AI and ML.



Quick-EHR is a custom management system for medical and dental practices, clinics, hospitals, healthcare institutions, beauty & health spas, and medical suppliers with all the features they could need built custom to their specs, from an appointments calendar to a full-fledged EHR. Quick-EHR develops online applications that are easier to use and more affordable than any commercial SaaS.

Using powerful AI features, Quick-EHR automates patient outreach and modernizes care delivery. Doctors and medical professionals need reliable, secure and precise tools that make their admin work easier giving them more time to focus on their patients. Doctor, patient and administrator dashboards are designed to make your daily work more efficient and enjoyable. Some intelligent applications available in the custom practice management include lab results portal, patient medication refill requests, patients and insurance verification, etc.

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